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Past events


Conference talk

How to Build Effective Client Education

Interactive session

A Lesson in Alignment


Interactive session

A virtual workshop with KickAss PM

Virtual workshop

Vancouver Design Week

Open Studio

Learning efficient, democratic decision making from social insect groups


Building a machine to be more human


A panel session about the application and impact of apprenticeship within tech companies

Livestreamed panel

Vancouver Digital Project Managers Meetup


Vancouver Design Week(end)

Open Studio


Calling all designers and writers. You do the web great. Let's push it further together.

Full-day workshop

30 minute talk

How to survive the digital apocalypse

Keynote presentation

Half-day workshop

Make nice with your projects

One day workshop

A crash course in turning project guesses into authentic numbers

Two-hour online class

Bring your projects back from the dead

Forty-five minute break-out session

Design the best version of your business

1.5 hr talk, 30 min panel

Project reset begins now

Two-day online workshop

How to fall in love with both at the same time


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